How We Build 5-Star Reputations

There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Online Reputation Management and Marketing will ensure that positive reviews about you will dominate the online world!

Reputation Management and Marketing

Potential customers “Google” companies every day. They want to see what others are saying about local businesses before they make a buying decision. So do you Google yourself and don’t like what you see? Well, what you see is what your prospects and customers see. You may have the patience not to act on negative comments about you or your business but your prospects and customers may not be as forgiving. Fact: 80% of people surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw online. Having no reviews about your company is nearly as bad as having negative reviews – over 70% of online consumers want to see at least 6 to 10 current reviews on a company before they build enough trust to call or visit. And with competition tighter than ever, businesses are seeing that Online Reputation Management and Marketing is now a necessity.

What is Online Reputation Marketing?

Your online reputation is important – you are only one bad review away from damaging your reputation. With the huge and ever-growing population searching online to evaluate businesses, bad comments and reviews about your business can gravely affect your target market’s purchasing decision. This is why it is critical to monitor your online reputation and take a plan of action to counter any negative material, proactively act to build a 5-Star Reputation, and market that 5-Star Reputation to your target audience. Reputation Marketing does all of this for you, separating you from your competition and setting your company up to dominate your local market and generating more calls for your products and services!

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Our Online Reputation Marketing Product – How We Do It

  • Reputation Building – We will help you collect and post positive reviews about your product, service, or business. These reviews are submitted through a Private Review/Feedback form and post on your website and on authoritative online review sites so that they are able to surpass any negative reviews displayed in search results. Proactive Reputation Marketing also allows you to optimize positive reviews about your business so that favorable reviews dominate search results, pushing down negative ones in the process. According to studies, 78% of Internet users conduct company and product research online and 80% had a change in purchase decision after seeing a negative review online. Your business can be at the mercy of online comments – or you can use these to your advantage! Our focus is to help you build a 5-Star Reputation by getting your best customers to post their positive experiences in working with your company, highlight these reviews, and “push down” negative reviews. Building a 5-Star Reputation online will separate your company from its competitors and present a great “first impression” to potential customers!
  • Reputation MarketingWe will take your best 5-Star reviews and promote them to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Photobucket, and LinkedIn to help spread the word about your stellar reputation. We also create Review Commercials, using our spokes person models and your best 5-Star reviews to even promote your excellent reputation in an even more professional and creative manner. Just imagine seeing your company’s name and one of its 5-Star reviews being promoted by a spokes person model in a video that you can use on your website, YouTube Channel, and other media – pretty awesome! We will also optimize the Review Commercial so that it displays in Google when potential customers look for reviews about your company!
  • Reputation Management – Our Reputation product allows you to respond to both positive and negative comments the moment they appear on the Internet, enabling you to manage your online reputation on a daily basis without spending a lot of valuable time. We will set up and claim your business listings on the top online review sites and directories so that we can monitor what is being said about you on these important sites. We will send you email alerts every time a review is posted on these sites, advising you if the review was positive or negative so that a company representative can respond appropriately. We believe our clients should always reply to any review posted online – this shows existing and potential customers that you care about their feedback and helps build social proof and credibility.
  • Reputation Training – We will create a portal with training videos on the importance of customer service and reputation that you can use with your team of employees. We believe that building a strong reputation culture is a foundation for future company growth.
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